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Lawak Apa Apa Saja 1 175 2009-09-10 - 11:26:45 - W@rrioR-Sudu dan Benang..menjimat masa???
Lawak Bijak 1 153 2009-09-10 - 11:28:51 - Bro Dude- Aisyah
Lawak Bodoh 2 196 2009-09-10 - 11:59:32 - keigo304-Alahai Mak Cik.........
Lawak Brunei (Tempatan) 21 949 2009-09-12 - 10:11:02 - cali cali brunei-Orang Muda-Muda Inda Mau Sembahyang Juma
Lawak Jahat...HeHeHe 2 207 2009-09-12 - 10:04:25 - cali cali brunei-Little Red Indian
Lawak Spontan 1 153 2009-09-10 - 11:29:54 - azam-INDA MERATI CKP CIGU

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