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Hiburan/Entertainment - Movies News, Life, Music, Concerts,etc.
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Hiburan/Entertainment - Movies News, Life, Music, Concerts,etc.
Title: I, Robot - my review Date: 2004-08-05 GMT: 05:21:04
I thought it was all too cliche-ish especially the plot and characters. But when such a movie is fantastically put together, that doesn't really matter, because the movie was quite an enjoyable watch. Although a bit slow in the beginning, the story unfolds quite nicely even though the plot twists were a bit predictable. Also the comical acting of Will Smith and the ever seat-gripping tense action scenes along with the realistic special effects makes this worth your dollars if you want some fun scfi-fi action movie a bit of humour :)
From: Judeus
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Title: I, Robot - my review Date: 2004-08-05 GMT: 03:21:32
Just saw the movie at the Mall Cinema. Sure is a cool movie. Effects is fantastico. Storyline ok believable. I love the part where he put on a vintage shoe from 2004. Robots that has feelings and could thing. Wow! Dont miss this movie if you are a science fiction fan like me.
From: I Robot
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