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Hiburan/Entertainment - Movies News, Life, Music, Concerts,etc.
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Hiburan/Entertainment - Movies News, Life, Music, Concerts,etc.
Title: Wo Ai Ni Album is for sale at Music Store Date: 2007-01-01 GMT: 13:15:38
WoW! must buy ! *rush* go go go !
From: local fan
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Title: Wo Ai Ni Album is for sale at Music Store Date: 2006-12-29 GMT: 12:00:23
To: Every one who loves music
The latest update for Wo Ai Ni, Wo Ai Ni is now available at Golden Music Centre at the Mall or any branches..the Album is for sale for $12.00, $1 from the proceed will be donated to charity funds.. It consists of 6 tracks of Ricko's song including Wo Ai Ni..which is a hit at Pelangi Radio.. the quiz for the promotion was lived on the Radio from 4 -10 December, and the support from the listeners are out of expectation..many prizes supported by the kind sponsors had been won during Wo Ai Ni release since 16 November 2006.. Each purchase there will be a bonus free pocket calendar.. exclusively there will be postcard size calendar of Wo Ai Ni sale at $ if you have free time and fond of Wo Ai Ni song please visit or drop by at Golden Music Centre to purchase, the edition is limited..purchase and at the same time you contribute and donate.. Latest Info..Ricko will be invited to Rampai Pagi on 7th January 2007 @ 0940 morning and he will be interview about the promotion and sing also..and there will be more to come..just wait... Do support local music industry.. Wo Ai Ni loves everybody no matter who..even to the nation, people, country, world and animals...
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