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Hiburan/Entertainment - Movies News, Life, Music, Concerts,etc.
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Hiburan/Entertainment - Movies News, Life, Music, Concerts,etc.
Title: Movie Ticket Date: 2004-09-28 GMT: 13:02:36
To: antudmall
I know, it sucks. But when a movie premieres at theatres (eg. first showing ever in the theatres globally) it's usual for tickets to cost higher than normal. This is the case not only in Brunei but other theatres around the world. Premiers = Higher ticket price

But thats only for the premier day of the movie. Proceeding days should have the tickets back to normal. If such theatres do maintain the higher price prio to premier day, then they're just greedy :P
From: Judeus
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Title: Movie Ticket Date: 2004-09-27 GMT: 08:56:22
To: Rip-Off
Andangnya tu, gila harta

From: antudmall
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Title: Movie Ticket Date: 2004-06-03 GMT: 06:59:23
To: All Audiences
I was so surprise when I book two ticket for the movie "The Day After Tomorrow" and it cost me $7 each for a Tuesday nite session. In the past, The Mall Cineplax had several price for all movie lovers. Mon-Wed $6, Thur-Fri $7, Sat, Sun & Public Holidays $8. When ask the staff why I have to pay $7 for a Tuesday nite ticket, they just said "BECAUSE IT"S A NEW MOVIE". So, my question is when did they change this policy. When i watch Val Helsing the price is still $6 for Monday nite session, but I did pay $7 for Troy & I agree on the price b'coz it's a 3hrs lenght movie. TheMall should inform audiences about the price before they printed it on the Borneo Bulletin, not to misleading us about the so call "NEW MOVIE PRICE".
From: Rip-Off
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