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Formula 1 & Remote Control Cars/Boats/Plane
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Formula 1 & Remote Control Cars/Boats/Plane
Title: RC Car what to get Date: 2009-08-05 GMT: 08:58:47
To: Koolz
f u wnt for racing i hve my rc 1/8 serpent 950r f u wnt i sell to u jst 200$ only kit with out injin..jst cntct me 7137688..

From: velox
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Title: RC Car what to get Date: 2009-06-19 GMT: 02:08:20
To: Koolz
There are quite a few range depending on your budget and are you planning to drift or race with it?. There are models on nitro and electric motors. It also depends if you plan to race touring on it or drift racing. The are models such as lightning, Tamiya, Kyosho, Yokomo, HPI, etc. You will enjoy the standard parts only for a couple of days but then you will itch to upgrade the parts where this will cost alot. I'm not an expert on it cos i only started 12 days ago and in that time have fully modified my car. It is fun with all the modification but then it takes skills and setting to master the car, Cheers and happy hunting.
From: Akudou
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Title: RC Car what to get Date: 2009-06-10 GMT: 23:55:44
I wan to buy a new RC car for racin. Now veri popular. I thinking of Tamiya. Ok kah?
From: Koolz
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