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Title: HM Birthday Tournament 2014 Date: 2014-10-24 GMT: 07:13:24
To: Participant Tertipu.
Concerned. The correct remedy to cure this disease is "DQ". These bastards must be DQed and put a tattoo on their fore head with word "pembuyuk mati".
BDGA should also issue letter of notification to its counterpart in Sabah and Sarawak to reject their names when they hold tournaments. These people only bikin Brunei malu.
From: New golfer.
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Title: HM Birthday Tournament 2014 Date: 2014-10-06 GMT: 02:17:46
To: Organizers
Those people in the same group were seen kuising the ball and palaying preferred lie were kana DQ at first but on the hadiah giving day, manang jua. Why did you allow such crooks to play? Bukan kamu do not know their habit when playing together. They always buyuk especially that ex army guy. His palsafah in gop is "why should I tire myself if I dont bring back a prize" - buat apa ku panat panat main kalau nda dapat hadiah.
You, people in the komiti, dont realize that you are killing genuine people's interest in joining tournament in Brunei. The funny thing is the ones who always buyuk are the Malays and they are haji. They are supposed to be honest because they pray 5 times a day, dont eat pork, dont drink because they say those are haram. Why they cheated and won somebody else prizes. Tida malu kah? But to me the biggest malu are to you all the organizers. You tolarated this habit and you waived the rules on those bastards. Malu man! you dont deserve to be holding the responsibility. Organizing komiti konon, yoa all are komiti taie palat. Sorry for this, this is for those who deserve the prizes.
From: Participant Tertipu.
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