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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-09-06 GMT: 10:03:11
To: WakSegan
It is not surprising people now blame hj idris for the course condition. Thats what Malai ali wanted when he took over as chairman - to use idris as the scape goat for all the bad thing dine by the management. Now that he is successful creating this perception, he and his deputy can now laugh and siphon the club's money at will. Ok, now he put his relative, Hj Yusuf as his new man in charge of business and marketing. This guy is another reputable character who may be worse that idris. He is another scape goat -for future events. He is being groomed to face blames... just like hj idris. Why members are so blind to see this. Are they all stupid. Even the president for that matter. Another few months the club will run dry by the two bastards. ROS also didnt realise that Malai ali's report on the club's affairs are all bull shit. You are being fooled man sorry for that remark.
From: Sarif kg Dusun
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-09-06 GMT: 06:27:09
Lunar surface look better than that, PGA man! The green condition look like they have been bitten by Hj Idris teeth (oops.. there goes my fasting). Sorry, forgot he is no longer there, but pity at the same time he was blamed for the condition of the course while the rest laughing all the way to the bank.

From: WakSegan
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-09-04 GMT: 03:31:49
To: Sarif Dol Kg. Dusun
Sorry, I was too busy on other matters and have been offline for a while.
Looks like nothing much have changed at the club except that the green is like lunar surface.
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-09-02 GMT: 09:44:39
To: Committee
Paloi sangat kamu ani kah?, tua tua pun ada hati busuk.Inda tau malu punya manusia.Bulan baik ani kami doakan kamu semua tulah dari allahtaala.Amin
From: JD
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-07-26 GMT: 04:35:19
To: PGA Man
Where are u man, long time no hear frm u. Are u well? Yr last entry about this topic still stand without any comment from others. Were u hoping for new breed to run the club?.
Well, yr wish didnt happen. The man still holds the helm.
U know, apparently there was a fresh AGM held after the March AGM was declared null and void. No body knew about this. Did u?
Well I heard there was no attendance by members and no forum was formed to carry it out. Members are now questioning how come the same people still become as the committee. Did they endorse themselves again?
All along there was a plot really, so that all the wrong doings will still be covered. Members now have no chance to know about matters they raised during the actual AGM. (About the club account, the unsigned financial and secretary report and some other things) The matters will likely to be kept as secret until hari kiamat.
There are romours that few local clubs are thinking of terminating their reciprocal arrangement with pantai. The reason is simply because pantai course is so bad and their members dont want to play there - even in organised tournement. They dont want to waste money paying the unnecessary levy as the course is not worth paying for. Besides, they feel it is "rugi" for them as this arrangement only benefit Pantai members - they have record showing that the usage was extremely one sided. Panaga is a case in point.
I malu lah as a member of Pamtai. The club lost its reputaion since the present committee run the management. I dont think they bother to look after members' interest. The club is just a place for them to "cari makan" using the concept of "ampit mengampiti".
From: Sarif Dol Kg. Dusun
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-05-30 GMT: 03:05:24
To: 1010

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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-05-20 GMT: 05:37:59
To: Gigi One & Bang Toyip
Kamu ani ,sadang tah, biar tia malai makan duit pantai atu bah. bukan kamu. ia kan bagi free ani dan atu kepada membernya pun ok ja tu.Bagi free arah semua member lah. Golf Acedemy atu pun duit jau tu, usin ahli, bukan usin nya.
Kalau aku, ku habiskan duit atu kalau aku chairman. Paduli apa. Mana ada ahli berani kan complain tu. Good for you malai and yakub.
Satu saja yang kamu inda baik dengan perbuatan kamu ani. Kunun ugama pandai, baca doa bagus, tapi memburukan orang lain ani. Ia tah inda baik tu. Kamu kan makan duit pantai, gohed saja bro, jangan burukan nama orang,salahkan orang lain sampai duit nada lagi ?.
Bukti ada bah sebelum kamu haramjadah jadi jawatan kuasa , duit klub masih banyak, Yang habiskan kamu jua.
Yet again, jangan fikir kamu ada kuasa kan mengatur sesiapa. Nada ahli, nada jawatan kuasa. Ahli lain kamu bodoh kan , kami kamu jahati dan memburukan nama, sekadar apa tu nah, supaya orang yang kamu bodohi ani inda bergaul dengan kami.
Kamu takut kami menyadarkan diorang takut kamu nada kekuatan ahli kan menyokong perbuatan kamu.
Yang mengikut asutan malai, itu pilihan kamu, kami inda paksa orang berkawan dengan ahli yang belurus macam kami. Tanyakan diri sendiri, dan menilai.
Yang baik siapa, yang hati busuk siapa, yang membodohkan siapa, yang meluruskan siapa,yang ambil kesempatan siapa dan lain lain.
Come on beloved members, kamu sudah beranak, berbini,berumah tangga. Inda payah di asut oleh orang, you should know how to compare between right and wrong.
Hj Zak saja tu yang tua tapi balum kawin. Nasihat indung suruh kawin inda kan fikirkan. asutan orang iski kan hebarkan. Manusia inda tau malu.
Well done malai, you have done a very good move for your self and yakub plus the gang invalue.
I am very impress with your work. You give good example to the junior government officers how do fool the government and the public.
keep it up.


From: 1010
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-05-16 GMT: 13:24:00
Jangan nda tantu cakap eh,inda kuasa tu. Yang paloinya bis kita jua yang mau DM atu jadi Cheman. Ingat? Dulu masa ada heboh2 kan mmbuang ia dari komiti (EGM) mana kita brani ikut bajuang. Takut nda babigi palir. Nah, apa rasanya, turut saja tia keturunan kaling atu. (Cuba kit tanong mua nya banar2, macam kaling kan? Kturunan Arab tia karang....)
Kami mmbers yang kana bagi free ani bahapa kan ikut kita. Paloi tu. Kami ikut saja tia kamahuan DM atu, kalau ia silap ia masuk penjara. Mun ia kana siasat karang baru kami jadi saksi mangantam ia. Kami ikut ia kan main free saja mana kami ampit ambil duit klab. Ia ganya tu eh sama D Yakub, the master mind buggy corse, brapa sudah ulih bisdia... Pasal atu ada levi. Untuk nya bayar gaji pkerja klab tu. Di bank mana lagi ada kan dipakai. Ia tah apa2 ani, pakai otak bapikir. Bis kita atu sanang di ularnya tu. Kaling! siapa nda tau, dari dalam kerajaan sdh tu.
Jangan marah. You cant beat him join him la.. kalau ia silap nanti, nah baru kita hantam ia sampai kluar taie.
From: Gigi One & Bang Toyip
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-04-02 GMT: 02:46:33
To: Semua Ahli
Jangan suport jawatan kuasa di bawa pimpinan awang malai bin biadap dan awang yakub bin pembolot harta atu. Tau jua kamu sudah ia manusia penyeleweng. Ada ada saja diorang atu kan buat di pantai supaya duit keluar, lapas atu ahli yang inda tau ujung pangkal kan di paksa bayar LEVY untuk mengganti balik duit yang di bayar are contrect haramnya. 25%. Yang biadapnya jawatan kuasa haram ani pulang main percuma ! Orang paloi saja kan bayar LEVY. Kalau ahli bayar LEVY,jawatan kuasa pun bayar LEVY ! AMAN kepada jawatan kuasa haram ani termasuk kepalanya,
JANGAN ! BILA BILA MASA SAJA "MEMPERALATKAN dan MENGUNAKAN UGAMA" untuk KEPENTINGAN menyembunyikan perbuatan kepentinggan sendiri di pantai atu!
From: KPR
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-03-31 GMT: 23:33:18
To: Sulaimen Akhlakhen
Very sad what is happening to Pantai. No, not even the names that you mentioned can save our Pantai now. I guess the only way out now is for our Government to interfere.

Was there an audited account tabled during the alleged AGM as is required?
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-03-31 GMT: 18:16:48
To: PGA Man
Yes the AGM was a big joke. But, the President and the ROS didnt see that. Wonder why.

You see how he answered PPN's quiry on why the minute was not signed ...... (he said it will be signed later). Not only it was very stupid thing to say, it also reflected what this man is capable of. It was wrong to discuss that paper. It should not even be accepted as AGM material.

Now we know the mentality of this idiot. He menipulated things right under every body's nose. He even made the President and Police Commissioner as laughing stalk. These two jokers dont realise that. Its sad.

But how come PPN spotted this irregularity during the AGM?.

Well, dont you all know that he was a Police Commissioner not so long ago? Under the Societies Act Cap 66, he was also the ROS...and for many years. You think you can bluff him about rules and procedure in running a club or association? This guy knows the man. And you look at PMGC history, just count how many times he was "elected" as Chaiman. Have you ever heard about him "screening" members who wanted to volunteer as Committee. No. He never did.

But you look at what this (present chairman) did before the AGM, "he put his own rules to make him unopposed" (by the way the words "present chaiman" are in bracket to indicate his appointment is not legal )

PGA Man, I wonder where all those fighting cocks like Momin Sawal, Hj Majid, Francis, Dr Lim, and many more have gone to. Some were illegaly dismissed as members. This club needs them badly. Cant rely on President and ROS, they are hopeless.

As I see it the leech has anchored its position to suck more blood. Will see how long can the cow survive.

From: Sulaimen Akhlakhen
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-03-31 GMT: 00:54:03
The AGM was a joke. All their gang.
From: PGA Man
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-03-29 GMT: 16:03:54
To: AGM 2009
wah DM manang lagi ah.
Tau tah kamu tu sudah pemutar belitnya .Ia manang bukan cara demokrasi, tapi cara membuyuk macam ia main golf jua. Macam mana inda manang, semua calun yang kan ikut batanding ia sendiri yang tapis. Sudah di baginya tau kan dalam "Newsletter nya".
Banar jua nya kawan PGA man atu, DM ani memang biasa memenipulate peraturan. Kabilangan dari dulu sudah, bila ia tau ada duit jaga... abis diputar belitnya orang tu dengan peraturannya..., tau2 karang ia yang ambil duit atu.
Mana tia President PMGC ah. Mana ROS, knapa diorang babal ani kan. Ada kah patut DM sndiri yang menilai orang yang kan jadi komiti, konon nya calun atu mesti orang baik2, ndada rekod jenayah , ada integrity etc etc..... Macam tah ia atu baik. Lupa kah? Ada jua ia kes ugama alip nun ta mim bini orang. Tangan nya atu (siring ibu jari)ada pilat tu bakas ditatak laki bini2 atu. Baik tah karang.........!
Knapa pg yusof ah, resign sebelum AGM start? Secretary pun ndada, tau knapa? Takut kana soal masa AGM. Tau orang sudah kali ah, trik si badar di pakainya. Bodoh saja tah kamu.......
From: D U Kim
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Title: PANTAI MENTIRI GOLF Date: 2009-03-29 GMT: 04:47:05
From: AGM 2009
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