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Title: RBA Golf Club Management Corrupted. Date: 2008-10-05 GMT: 02:40:26
I think everyone in the RBA boards of directors should be brought in to ACB for questioning. Of course RBA golf Club had been corrupted for donkey years. From the resturant with the bad service , why would the management want to keep then for ? To the high rental on the pro shop, what more the maintenance for the golf course. Everyone has to include or mark up the cost just for allocation of funds on a few people" fee " for giving the spot or contract etc to them. Otherwise ,no chance for any proper company will service at the club. The non qualified company gets it because of corruption? Boleh eh. Siapa siapa pun boleh, jangan saja inda mengakun kan. If nothing is stopping this people from doing the wrong doing, there's nothing stopping anyone from reporting to ACB. My opinion is, all the top level willand should be reported to ACD. So much better. At least we know the true colors of this people. There are still other people who can do services for RBA . The tender system is bull. You got who you favor already. See you in ACB very very soon if nothing is done by rules and policy .
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Title: RBA Golf Club Management Corrupted. Date: 2008-10-05 GMT: 01:54:56
To: Board of Directors
Colin and Pg Samsuddin should be dismiss from the golf club. Colin is asking money from contractors if they want contract for maintainig RBA ? Pg Samsuddin is also paid to allow such thing from happening ? Is this the policy of BIA. Why give tender to pulbic when there is a private meeting with potential company who is willing pay under table money to you both ? You think others cant pay you both ? We wonder why the board of directors are pretending not to know what they are doing ? This is very selfish, the contractor is going to end soon. No tender is out ? Pg, kau sama colin ani manusia inda belurus. Berapa kau mau kan untuk membuat peraturan belurus, daripada dibayar menyeleweng atu? Bukan orang berdaulat kau ani. Makan duit . Mana kemelayu tulin belurus .
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