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Title: DST 2007 Date: 2007-08-08 GMT: 03:51:25
To: DST Astro
(Edited 2007-8-08:) Honest comment is, these 2 winners should have known better. You all were in the same flight and the beauty was you all win. If only Momin Shawal turned up on the final round,I dont think so both of you could win. Hj X , you and your handicap...,Hj Y,you are as close to Z in your game with the magic ball, with your suspisious pen. Be a gentleman in the game. You both fall in the group of ungenuine sportsmen already. How do you all feel ? I am so embarace as a sportsman. Both of you were in the enforcement agencies. I wonder ,how did you manage to cheat. Were is the honesty in yourself ? Probably you cheated in you work during those days to huh. Unbelieveable and Shock, but not suprising of what you both are. I quote, its not due to jealousy..., its due to the rules of golf. Not fare for others.Your flight is meant to be DQ for being cheaters. We were there,we saw,we know what you did,we knew how you did it. We got eyes.DST Astro... protect your image before you get a bad repo of the kind of players you send to the final round.
From: Astro golfer
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Title: DST 2007 Date: 2007-08-06 GMT: 05:22:52
To: penganjur
Saya inda berapa faham apa maksud kita, inda berapa bahasa ingris ani. Pandangan saya, kenapa tah penganjur atu inda bertindak. Kesian jua tu kepada pemain jujur, orang "terkuis kuis" bola masa perlawanan mana boleh di amalkan!!. bukannya frendly gam tu, bukan jua latihan untuk perlawanan!! Salah tu. inda jua adil tu kan. Kalau DST inda berlurus dengan pekara ini. Saya sumpah, tahun dapan, lagi baik saya pun main kutur.Sekian Saja
From: peminat setia golf DST
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Title: DST 2007 Date: 2007-08-08 GMT: 03:52:50
To: organiser
(Edited 2007-8-08:) Why cheater win and why they deserve better prices then the genuine golfers ? Hj X,Hj Y should of won the best cheater prices, not the championship prices. Their score was not the DST format. They were playing play as you like,position the ball as good as you can if you have the chance,and change score while you can format. DST should give them a different price. What if they do this in Thailand ? Brunei Team from DST would get a bad name, this is the reason why Mercedes Open has stop here in Brunei. I know to win gives a great feeling and joy. But it doesnt mean you should be dishonest in order to win. DST is not being fare to the honest golfers.Golfers are not jealous if real golfers win. Golfers are gentlemen. But not in Brunei I suppose. I rather cheat on the next DST if they dont forfit the prices for the cheaters.
From: Frustrating golfer
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