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Fishing, Boating & Marine
Title: First Offshore trip since August '08 Date: 2009-02-25 GMT: 14:15:15
To: Akudou
Don't worry about Lures comment lah. lb or Kg who cares? Most important thing to bring up fish and enjoy doing it.

Pls continue to post your photos here. Very interesting.

I heard anglers complaining that the water was colder than usual resulting in less catch although fishinder was showing plenty of fish.
From: Capt Fred
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Title: First Offshore trip since August '08 Date: 2009-02-24 GMT: 17:23:09
To: Lures
ok la, learn something new again on picture taking. Must get very good camera and good position to take pics or else 18kg also kana suan 18lbs. Hehe. And also must get a very good scale this time to weigh fish or else malu only people say i tipu the weight. But then thanks again to you and capt on the tips given
From: Akudou
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Title: First Offshore trip since August '08 Date: 2009-02-24 GMT: 13:08:24
To: Akudou
Fren, your phone suppose to video at 3gp format or try to copy to your pc, check properties what file u recorded, then browse www to grab the supporting converter.

SOMEONE said your 18lbs GT very nice....hahaha
From: Lures
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Title: First Offshore trip since August '08 Date: 2009-02-24 GMT: 09:25:00
To: Capt Fred
Dont compare me to Mr Lures. I lock till high drag because i'm trying to try the Caranx Kaibutsu limits at high stick. From other forum i heard that the deep monster or surface monster model broke which is a a pe8-12. Thats why i wanna see whether its the product peformance or quality control that caused it.
From: Akudou
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Title: First Offshore trip since August '08 Date: 2009-02-24 GMT: 09:19:10
To: Capt Fred
I need a software as i have it only on video frm my phone. Need a software to crop the pics from the video then i can post the pics. You know any software available?
From: Akudou
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Title: First Offshore trip since August '08 Date: 2009-02-24 GMT: 05:33:06
To: Akudou
Congrats! Not bad catch. GT is always fun to catch. Are you sure you landed an 18Kg in 3mins? You are starting to sound like our friend Lures. Fishing with locked drag...hehe.. Where are the rest of the photos?
From: Capt Fred
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Title: First Offshore trip since August '08 Date: 2009-02-23 GMT: 09:52:59
Since August last year, i have not been going offshore due to the bad monsoon season and weather. Went on a trip on 22/02/09 at 8pm with another newbie angler and 3 of the boat's crew. The weather was fine on friday,saturday and sunday afternoon it still looks good. However when we made a move at 8pm, the wind started to pick up and the swells was as high as nearly 2 meters. So the skipper decide to head to the nearby pond for shelter waiting for the wind to die down. The wind died down at 10'ish, so we decide to make a move. 7 nautical miles out of jerudong, the wind picked up again and the swells was even worse as it peak up at 2.5m to 3m.
Decide to anchor right at the spot nearby so if it gets worse it will be easy to head back. Once again, we decide to wait for the wind from south west and swells to ease down. I did some light fishing as it was only more than 20 feet. Caught a few and was released due to its size.

The rest was asleep and when i realise the wind had died down at 5am, i woke everybody up and we decide to head to our target destination. Popping was the first game to start and i was the only one equip with gears. On, the first cast, i had a GT whacking for my chugger but it missed the popper 3 times on that one same cast. The first splash was 20m away and the 3rd one was just right beside out boat. the other 4 guys saw and estimated it to be more than 20kg. Headed to 2nd spot missed whacks again but wasnt as hungry as the first one that missed. At the 3rd spot after 1 single cast, there was a big splash and whack. This one couldnt get away this time and i was setting the drag at 12 to 15kg. It made 3 runs when i decide to click the reel's drag almost to the max. Took me 3 minutes before i could land the GT. The Gt tipped the scale at 18kg. The skipper who never popped before decide to try it out on my gears. On the first cast too, a GT tried to whack it but it threw the hook. Not bad i must say for a first timer eventhough it wasnt landed. We jigged in a few areas and i got a strike but sad to say even at high drag, it managed to cut my FC leader on the underwater structure below.

At around 9am, we decide to head to the skippers FAD where we landed sulit, grouper, krisi bali, krisi-krisi, and much more. The whole catch was more than half of the commercial cooler box despite only popping, jigging and bottom fishing in a period of 6 hrs (excluding waiting overnight without fishing). The fishfinder scanned many fishes down below but not many are willing to bite as the water temperature is very cold.

Hope the guys who went out since saturday afternoon didnt get into any mishaps on that night as the weather is really really bad at that time. Cheers and safe fishing for 2009!

From: Akudou
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