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Title: Empire Hotel Date: 2007-10-26 GMT: 12:58:24
To: GM
WHy are you asking the present works to leave when the at least have the experience to work Brunei Style.
You are bringing in Myanmar works to take over their tasks. How long are they going to take to learn things again. Dont you dare change the culture in our country as if its Hetlers world ....
I must say ,you are trying to show to us that you can fool us by claiming the workers you bring i from Myanmar are good. If they are. Let them take care of their own hotl back home.
How much are they paid there, and how much are you kacking up the pay here ?
Helping your own team to monopoly our Hotel built by our loving Royalties.
Becareful my man.......

From: MIB
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Title: Empire Hotel Date: 2007-10-26 GMT: 12:48:47
To: GM

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Title: Empire Hotel Date: 2007-09-26 GMT: 10:38:20
To: Mr Chairman / GM of BIA
Why is Empire worst now. Change the name to budget holiday resort.
From: Lepak & Company
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Title: Empire Hotel Date: 2007-09-19 GMT: 10:36:03
Since this gm is around,people who worked and has gain the experience on adapting the brunei way for hospitality are gone . Why is that ? Is the gm trying to bring in his team from mynmar to rule brunei own empire ! 7 star hotels emlpoy 4th class workers.... . Puting down the standard of Brunei !
From: internal comments
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Title: Empire Hotel Date: 2007-09-17 GMT: 19:25:51
To: Chairman of BIA
Haji Jaidi bila kan transfer. Nada paidah di sana. Di negara. Bukan pasal dengi dengian. Yang banarnya
From: Truth
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Title: Empire Hotel Date: 2007-09-17 GMT: 11:04:43
To: chairman of BIA
Whats going on with this new GM. Semua orang lari.

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Title: Empire Hotel Date: 2007-08-07 GMT: 02:54:13
Is empire losing income. Seems the GM is importing in cheap labor for empire? how low standard is that? Dr Amin, is this your way of choosing employers ? Very sick
From: ISO
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Title: Empire Hotel Date: 2007-07-22 GMT: 12:49:31
To: kaypoh
What makes you think I am an employer? I could be the board of directors of BIA. Why are concern ?The point is you all are not doing your job the rite way. Hj Zaidi or is it Jaidi.... Are you as coorupted as Pg Ibrahim from the Jerudong Polo Club. I ask because both of you had been there for years and never shown any progress. Yet you are still around ? Pg Ibrahim dont speak well english, yet he is a manager at JPCC ? Now understand this..... I dont have to be employied at Empire or JPCC, you should know yourselves better. Brunei ni , bukan Indonesia kan sanang membodohkan orang sekedar kan berasuah cuma kan berharta.
From: Mata mata
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Title: Empire Hotel Date: 2007-07-18 GMT: 09:28:38
To: Shock Customer
Are you really a customer? I think you are an employee of the hotel
From: kaypoh
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Title: Empire Hotel Date: 2007-07-10 GMT: 04:58:54
To: Shock Customer
Why is BIA emlpoying a foreign GM. Dont they have any locals staff who works at BIA that can be a GM. Its cheaper, and besides that, dont tell me all this while, BIA has so much local staff based in the foreign countries which dont know the role of a GM of our hotels? If thats the case, are we investing on unskilled employees. Thats a cost of losses. CHAIRMAN should fire the local staff if the dont show any progress in there work.What are they for if i.e. the new GM is contracted. He would care as well, he has a contract if or not do his work. If he or she is local, im sure they would work hard for the Company in order to earn something for a living. This GM dont know the culture of us and even offered the locals to drink some bozz with him. Doesnt he know that this is an islamic state. No respest to religoin what so ever. I wonder who from BIA choose him to work here. Bad and unhealthy influence......
From: concern regular guest
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Title: Empire Hotel Date: 2007-07-09 GMT: 04:57:18
To: Bruneian in house guest
I was very shock to know that the GM was not in Brunei during the royal wedding. I had my guest coming in from Malaysia as the guest for the royal wedding. There was some inquiry that I want to ask the GM considering this guest was someone on the upper level, suprisingly they said he went out of the country on a business trip ? I wonder as the GM of a hotel, whats so important on that trip that you have to level an historical event for Brunei,knowing VVIPs would be staying there? You look down on our ruler that your rather fly out then serving the royal guest ! Or basicly you left cos you dont want to show to the people here that you dont have the experiance to serve the guest in that level. If you are that good, why are you here for, German has good hotels.Or is it that you are not as good as you say,so ran to ASIA instead ? Its Empire,Brunei.... Not the country that you used to work at. We want professional workers. Not selfish ones.BIA should get rid of this GM before people out there starts looking down on the management of the best hotel in Brunei. At least every one knows that he doesnt like to listen to peoples comment and only he has the say. Thats so unprofessional.
From: Shock Customer
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Title: Empire Hotel & Country Club Date: 2007-07-08 GMT: 11:34:50
To: German GM
Who's idea was it to select such a GM for Empire. Everybody doesnt want to support the Hotel any more because of him. He doesnt even know how to manage his own staff. What kind of GM who does not listen to peoples advice. There's something wrong with BIA to pick him as the GM for the Empire. He doesnt know how to work. And for your info Mr GM. You dont own this country for you to do and say as you like to the locals. Its our hotel ,so you make us happy, not us serving you. You think we are stupid to you for you no to listen to any of out opinion or advise? you insult the locals. Haji Jaidi should be fired to allows this to happen. Nothing has gone better since BIA put him incharge at Empire.
From: Bruneian in house guest
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