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Title: Government of Songhrati republic of Thaumaturgy Date: 2006-01-05 GMT: 12:03:57
To: thau
What a lot of BS nonsense!!
From: Mr. Spratly
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Title: Government of Songhrati republic of Thaumaturgy Date: 2005-12-24 GMT: 15:06:18
To: visitors
Conventional long form: Songhrati Republic of Thaumaturgy- Conventional short form: Songhrati - Location: Southeastern Asia, group of reefs and islands in the South China Sea, about two-thirds of the way from southern Vietnam to the southern Philippines. Geographic coordinates: 8 38 N, 111 55 E Map references: Southeast Asia Area: total: less than 5 sq km land: less than 5 sq km water: 0 sq km note: includes 100 or so islets, coral reefs, and sea mounts scattered over an area of nearly 410,000 sq km of the central South China Sea FIPS 10-4 Code: PG MARC Code: XP Thaumaturgy is a recognized Sovereign Democratic Republic. Constitution is supreme law . This Constitution is the supreme law of Thaumaturgy The Thaumaturgian Parliament The Constitution of 27 September 2002 the National Assembly and the Senate together constitute the Thaumaturgian National Parliament. The National Assembly consists of 10 deputies elected for five years. The life of the Assembly may be shortened if it is dissolved by the President of the Republic under article 12 of the Constitution. The National Assembly has two main functions : to adopt statutes and to supervise the Government. Its members do this as provided by the Constitution, and more specifically by the Ordinance of 27 September 2002 on the functioning of the parliamentary assemblies, and by the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly itself For instant Contact SRT High Commission in Asian Region Office of Chancellor: The Current Gov website Thaumaturgy National University (A Government owned University)- National Intelligence Agency Department of Education (Accreditation Council)- Thaumaturgy Business Promotion Council- Thaumaturgy National Awards Commission- Thaumaturgy Chivalric and Heraldary Department- Thaumaturgy Diplomatic Corps Club- Thaumaturgy National Church- Thaumaturgy Internet and Communication Service- Thaumaturgy National Newspaper Thaumaturgy Public Service Center The Thau IISTM in Pearl Valley, Bangalore Thaumaturgy Relief Agency The Thaumaturgy Government recognises the importance of private enterprise and continually strives to simplify the business regime with an emphasis on transparent rules, fixed goal posts and competitive business costs. Our smallness and remoteness require us to be innovative with business products and services - with a focus on improved technology and communication options.Thaumaturgy offer you a stable business platform for foreign trade and investment! Contact :
From: thau
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