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Title: Corruption Date: 2009-08-08 GMT: 17:00:23
To: CJ/ Minister of Home Affair
You should display all the tenders break down from each company who participate in any tender lah. Ani tender di bagi arah orang berasuh. Kenapa lagi keluarkan tender kalau sudah kana pilih awal awal lagi.
From: Fooled Tenderer
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Title: Corruption Date: 2009-06-22 GMT: 04:55:44
To: Humble citizen
Very true, alot of this company are paying good money to the officials. I mean, why have the corruption unit when they dont do anything about this ! T.S.L for example, this is no jealousy, if you dont take care of these people, would you really think they will take your company ? Your company cant even survive in Malaysia cos the demand is to high for $$$ to the officials. So just do it here in Brunei saja. What I am saying, you all buy this officials, you and them should be listed as betrayers of the government. Close down the corruption department , lets all corrupt the government.
From: Victim for doing busness
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Title: Corruption Date: 2009-06-09 GMT: 06:52:31
To: Legal Department
Why must tender board of committee from all ministries putting out tenders for project when someone has been awards before hand "internal info" and been paid and taken care off to submit in proposed figure. Why is this happening ? It seems that the His Majesty's Government is been cheated by government office who are hungry and greedy for money. Anti Corruption Dep. is paid well for doing their job, but are they doing job correctly or not ? BSP/BSM itself is involve with millions of dollars of corruptions. This is not including the government ministries. Is corruption legalized or not.
None of you are loyal to the government policy. Asal dapat gaji,biar saja tah perbuataan orang yang berasuah di jalankan. Orang yang bebuat cari yang benar inda berasuah pulang inda kena pilih.
I hope our Senior Minister is not been fooled by what they are doing on the government funds. Is it fair to people who do not practice corruption because the LAW says NO CORRUPTION are seen as people who do not deliver , thats why we are not wanted for services ! Lets say all are corrupted. I hope the Senior Minister fire curtain senior officer for allow this to happen, at least others will wake up and not betray His Majesty's government funds and law.
From: Humble citizen
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