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Title: Loopholes & no human rights for the triple murder case Date: 2005-02-22 GMT: 11:34:41
To: Amnesty International
I totally AGREE with you on this one, I am shocked and quite disgusted with the way things have been carried out so far am stunned that bail was not successful, especially seeing that there has been no evidence or real proof. All the items you have brought up are not only thoroughly thought through but also very well written and examined. I seriously believe that people should really look at this from the angle of the family going through this and put ourselves in their shoes. How would we feel if this happened to our father, brother, son, cousin, uncle or grandfather? We sure would NOT be pleased to say the least and to sit around and do nothing about it when we can would be a crime on its own. It's the modern ages, Brunei should be more modern than that and allow everyone a just and fair trial no matter what the case- don't forget, innocent till proven guilty. And even then, all these events up to date so far have proved appalling and I hope authorities look deeper into this. Do the right thing.
From: skeptic reader
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Title: Loopholes & no human rights for the triple murder case Date: 2005-02-22 GMT: 10:00:30
To: Residents of all Brunei
As I have attended the court hearing of this case on 21/2/05, I have concluded that the Royal Brunei Police (RBP) has not carry out their investigation thoroughly. And their actions have strongly indicated the violation of human rights. I hope relevant authorities on the higher level of the law would look into this matter. 1.Firstly, how can the RBP charged the defendant Richard Chia Kok Hiong for the murder when there is insufficient evidence to prove that he is guilty? How can the RBP retained him for more than 2 weeks when there is no evidence & motives at all to prove he is in fact guilty? I believe the law says you can only interrogate a suspect for not more than 48 hours and if you do not have proof, the suspect should be released. Yet, the defendant has been charged as well as arrested and retained when there is no proof or evidence of him being guilty. 2.Secondly, while the defendant was remanded, he was denied with proper supplies of food and drinks; in addition to ill treatment. 3.Bail application should not be denied by the Magistrate and High court because there is no solid evidence against the defendant yet. He should have the rights for a bail and his lawyer said he could surrender all his travel documents to the court yet the court still denies bail. 4.The investigation of this case is not transparent. There is insufficient information on what is the cause of the death of the deceased, inconsistent reports on the newspapers of the deceased’s cause of death and indistinct time of death ranging from 3 days. A proper forensic study of the bodies should be able to determine a more accurate and shorter time of death, why has this not been done? Since Brunei does not have a forensic section in the police force, then the bodies should have been sent to Singapore to do a proper autopsy and determine the possible cause of death. Has this been done? The public has the ‘rights’ to know what is really going on and what is happening!
From: Amnesty International
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