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Title: Got the Wrong person, time to get the right culprits! Date: 2005-02-22 GMT: 06:34:12
I also believe they got the wrong person - no suspect, only sms and have to go through all this unnecessary pain and suffering! Scary- don't just sms ppl from now on *sarcasm dripping* How can someone be charged without any hard evidence and also no motive? Very very fishy and bizarre indeed! And did anyone read the latest news? The time of when the crime occured was pulled longer from the initial one day (which was wayyy too long even at that) to three whole days... wonder how they made THAT estimation! police must b realli under lots of pressure so just grab anyone they can link to the deceased and simply charge... and here I tot Brunei was getting more advanced *rolls eyes*
From: Sherlock Holmes
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