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Title: Can't study in Brunei anymore Date: 2004-12-30 GMT: 16:22:50
To: Why do this 2us
Call to school tell principal about this matter yesterday, she was shock say never receive any notice will have meeting with ministry of education,they're curious if this rules practice in Brunei why ministry of education will approved our student pass.

Went immigration this noon to extend my son passport, while waiting for my turn visited visa dep't again, worse men, more than 30 kids parents having my problem, one philippines women even cry in visa dept asking officer how they feel if their kids being force to leave them.

During my turn i show student pass to the officer request for 3 months extention, he approved and chop at student pass too say this few days senior officer will having a meeting concerning this matter cos' many people n schools complaining, seems like schools already taking action ........hope can be solve as soon as possible cos' school opening be on 3rd Jan.
From: Why do this 2us
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Title: Can't study in Brunei anymore Date: 2004-12-29 GMT: 10:22:47
To: All
Attention to all school sponsor parents... Next week my kids gonna back to Chung Hwa school so on 26th dec i go to immigration extending my kids visa n passport (expire on 31st), unluckily i was being inform that...we can't do it 4u, u need to bring your kids to KK Brunei Embassy for his extention, the officer fax the receipt to kk (in front of me) and ask me to come back 3 days later to pick up document bring alone to KK. 3 Days later, i was inform by the officer our application being reject without any reason. When i seeking help from senior officer, he told me they have change the rules since last month, all school sponsor student will be reject/refuse by immigration, that's mean your kids can't study in Brunei anymore unless they are independent sponsor by parents, i think this changes will affected few thousand foreign workers which salary less than B$1800. When i still hanging around visa department more than 12 kids extension being reject (some even study here more than 5 yrs), i can tell from their face how upset they are cos' all the parents keep calling friends seeking for help including me. Lastly, when i ask one of the officer is there anyway to let my kids continue study here, he said.....hantar ia balik kampung sekolah lah...
From: Why do this 2us
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