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Title: Brunei Judges Date: 2008-03-19 GMT: 02:35:40
To: CJ Brunei

Hey I read with interest your comment on lawyers in Brunei in the b bulletin today.

I think you have been very unfair to them.They have a hazardous profession.Every time they go to court one side or somebody could not help but to curse them and wish they are dead!I think other than a few foreign bad apples the majority have done a good job.

You mention intergrity of lawyers but what about judges and magistrates?Do they do the same?I was in court when you sir presided over the PG Dr Ismail case.My impression of you was terrible to say the least!You were slow and write down everything you hear and sometime i think you dont know or miss what took place in court.Let us face it you are old and the malaysian lawyers were very frustrated with you as you were with them.Where are they now?Sir you disbar them from Brunei Bar!To show your displeasure with them.At one stage PG did not say anything at all yet you thought he did and bombarded him in court!where is your respect and intergrity?You never said sorry too when the whole thing were clarfied to you.The old Dennis will never do that.

Tell me you talk about Rule of law etc?Is the Brunei Judiciary independant or working for the big boss located in the Law Building?Dont they have a say in the extension of your contract?Do you represent an INDEPENDANT JUDICIARY?You dont and what are you doing about it?Nothing but show your coutesy to the Government lawyers and contempt for the private lawyers!You Sir Bring Judicial standard down in Brunei!The same thing trikle down to the magistrates.They are all appointed from the Government lawyers.If you are against the government in a case,what chance do you have with the judges on their side and you cant cry foul!Level playing field?You must be joking its tilted the other way.Then other judges try their best to remain neutral at least to show semblance of impartiality but sorry sir not you.You are terribly one sided!Hope you change but you will know who butter your bread evry morning to change.So please stop talking about integrity and respect until you put your silly house and yourself in order!

This is not written with malice aforethought but just to give you some food for thought!I hope you will take it like a man and think of it as a constructive criticism on you as a cj in Brunei.I have a lot of friends who are private lawyers and they are the good guys. Do their best to win cases in spite of all the odds or should i say against all the odds!So give them a break and do something about what i say.Be a principled and honourable CJ so when you go some day all will remember you.Leave a legacy for Brunei like the old CJ did!

Be good and know that you are being watched every day.Remember Justice has to be done BUT IT IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT IT IS SEEN TO BE DONE.Also Know that you are an old fool who attack your own kind in public!

From: The CIA in Brunei
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