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Title: REPOSSESSED VEHICLES Date: 2004-09-16 GMT: 01:31:26
To: Car Buyer

May Allah opened up the mind of the relevant authority to speed up the implementation of the Law of Shariah.

Let's be fair to those being treated unfair.

If the fairness is not there then, let's pray to the mighty Allah to punish those who enjoy mistreatment of others on this earth now not after the doom day. So that they know that Law created on this earth is to be practised to treat all people on this earth fairness not for money. And they bertaubat before it is too late.

From: Let's Be Fair
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Title: REPOSSESSED VEHICLES Date: 2004-08-02 GMT: 14:26:17
To: Sadman
You have a point there. I think legally the finance company can sell the car at any price and sue the guarantor for the balance. The easiest thing for the finance company is to sell the car below market price and then let the lawyers do the rest. Good thing for lawyers though.
From: Car Buyer
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Title: REPOSSED VEHICLES Date: 2004-08-02 GMT: 00:46:12
When will we have a law to protect the people who has their vehicle repossessed sold at the reasonable price based on the conditions and age of their vehicle. When will we have a law which make mandatory for finance company to sell repossessed vehicles themselves instead of tendering the vehicle or selling them a very low price to the secondhand vehices.
From: Sadman
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