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Makanan & Masakan/Food - Nasi Katok, Satay, Restaurant, Cooking, Recipe, Etc.
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Makanan & Masakan/Food - Nasi Katok, Satay, Restaurant, Cooking, Recipe, Etc.
Title: microwave chocolate cake Date: 2005-08-29 GMT: 03:17:15
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microwave chocolate cake (note-saya jumpa resepi kek nie dalam internet-dah mencubanya...senang sekali..tak sampai 20 min-dah boleh makan..takpercaya cubalah!!) Microwave Chocolate Cake Ingredients Flour 3/4 cup Sugar 1/2 cup Oil 1/4 cup Eggs 2 Baking Powder 1 1/2 Tbsp Vanilla Essense 1 tsp Cocoa powder 1 1/2 TbspWarm water 1/4 cup A pinch of Salt Method 1. Sift the Dry Ingredients (maida and baking powder). 2. Dissolve the cocoa in the warm water. 3. Beat the eggs and sugar until well blended and creamed. 4. Add the oil, vanilla essense and warm water (mixed with cocoa powder) and mix well. Finally add the flour and fold into the egg mixture. 5. Grease a cake tin and pour this batter into it. 6. Microwave this cake for 5 minutes on high. 7. Cool it and decorate with cofee icing or your choice. Coffee icing Cream together 1/2 cup butter and 1 cup of icing sugar. Once well blended add 2 tsp of strong coffee decoction and beat again. You can either cut the cake into 2 and spread the mixture and sandwich the two pieces again or spread all over the cake.
From: hanie
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